A Healthy Us – An Intro & Food for Thought

A Healthy Us is a blog to educate, empower and engage YOU in creating a healthier lifestyle and serves as a countdown to United Way Day of action.

Day of Action, taking place on June 21st, is an opportunity for our community to come together and address the issues that matter most!

United Way of Greater Greensboro and The Volunteer Center are partnering for Day of Action to provide volunteer opportunities in the areas of education, income, health and basic needs.

57,000 of that 280,000 people living in Greensboro struggle to obtain basic needs. That’s 20% of your neighbors feeling trapped without food, housing and transportation…that’s unacceptable.

There will be a post every day leading up to June 21st. You will see tips on healthy eating, recipes, facts on hunger in our community, local resources, and opportunities on how you can make an impact in your community.

To go ahead and sign up to volunteer for Day of Action, click here.

Everything You Eat Matters

You’ve probably heard of the Food Pyramid. It’s a quick guide to show you different food groups and how much we should eat of each group daily.

Have you heard of MyPlate? It’s similar to the Food Pyramid but shows the food groups on something familiar to all of us – a plate. Everything you eat and drink matters. MyPlate is a reminder to think about what we put on our plate and that the right mix of the food groups will help us lead a healthier lifestyle.

Learn how you can build a healthy eating style here.

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